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We be heathens
Why you bleedin
Give you reasons
Even Steven
Bringin treason
Change ya season
You be reachin
Why you preachin?
While I'm chillin with yo bitch, you be creepin

My niggas be the meanest, you seen it
We be in the streets, better leave it, we demons
Words of a beast, yea, you see it, believe it
Ridin on your street with a piece trick or treatin

Ey nigga
I'm spaced out
Beef out this world like space cows
Burn base heads, 'case you had doubts
Last one I had named smash mouth
Gettin loud
Got some ill shit?
Lets Go!
Got the whip
Lets Roll!
The path that we on ain't for the feint of heart
So if you feelin weak
Get Bold!
Got foresight like scope now
Mind so quick seems slow now
Think you can stare with that low brow
Outback you gon learn how it go down
Whats good nigga?
Must be a masochist to flash and switch
Just act like I wont blast a bitch
If cash a risk, I'm furthest from a pacifist
Keep talkin and that mouth about to pass a fist
Let's go nigga

Chorus*P1 (x4)
Chillin, Chillin, Ride
Let's go nigga
Chorus*P2 (x3)
Chillin, Chillin, Ride
Chillin, Chillin
What's good nigga

Where my iodine?
Black nigh the science guy, drinkin Cyanide
It's like suicide when I'm lyin guys
Fuckin 2 elev in my chest
Etched in my flesh while I leave my fuckin crest on the beat
Fuckin the street, indiscreet
Fuckin in the dark where the sparks be
Hear shots shots every night B
And thats on the nightly
Like witches of Waverly place
Takin the guts out your waist
Takin the food off your place
You'll die tryin to keep with the pace
Not Asian, but loosin your face
Drainin the blood out your veins
Demon screamin reaper while I sit in your place
Spittin 16, bet you thought it was 8
Gotta re-rack when I relapse
Here's a recap:
"Gee Black.. How the fuck you live to see that?"
'Little bit of crack with a spinal tap with this bat'
"Damn nigga.. We gotta get out the trap!"
Ya nigga catchin light like I'm a solo
Havin bitches bobbin all their heads like they were YoYos
You're witnessin a nigga that was born a Virtuoso
Step up bitch nigga
Lo que es usted el pollo?
You better run off to that place where little boys go
There ain't no really talkin with that bass unless your voice grow
If this nigga really think he got some fuckin toys though
Bout to be dead in the water if you coy bro

Chorus*P1 (x4)
Chillin, Chillin, Ride
Let's go nigga
Chorus*P2 (x3)
Chillin, Chillin, Ride
Chillin, Chillin
What's good nigga